Birding the Kopf Family Reservation

Located in Avon Lake, this forested reservation is very suburban, but also has amazing birding for woodpeckers and other forest birds. People regularly count 10+ redheaded woodpeckers this time of year. This is a rare-encounter bird for me so it was exciting to see them. I easily completed the “Ohio Woodpecker Challenge”, a.k.a. when you see every species of woodpeckers native to Ohio in one outing.

Red-headed Woodpecker, Kopf Family Reservation, 2021-04-13
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Kopf Family Reservation, 2021-04-13
Pileated Woodpecker, Kopf Family Reservation, 2021-04-13

Hybrid Ducks

Waterfowl hybridize more than any other type of bird, and Mallards are some of the most prolific when it comes to this behavior. I saw this bird yesterday, and was confused (for a while) about whether it was a Mallard/American Black Duck hybrid or just an immature/nonbreeding male.

But then he stretched his wings out and I got a clear view of the speculum patch, which was bordered with white: a sure sign of a Mallard and not an American Black Duck, and thus this bird was not a hybrid after all.

Saturn & Jupiter

At first I was annoyed that a couple of cars drove through this long shot, but the result was pleasant surprise. This is a 30 second exposure with my wide-angle lens, centered on Saturn (left) and Jupiter (right). (The two brightest objects in the center of the image)

These two planets will continue to grow closer to each other in the night sky until December 21st, when they will appear to merge.

Saturn & Jupiter, 2020-09-04