Immature Yellow-rumped Warbler

Immature or juvenile birds can be some of the hardest to identify, since they won’t look like anything in a field guide and no single photograph can show all the possible variations you might see. In this case the eye markings and belly streaking are the keys to my identification.

Juvenile Green Herons

My wife spotted four juvenile green herons at the end of the fishing dock on Bath Pond. Here is a picture of two of them. At first glance I thought they were American Bittern, but the body posture and the yellow around the eye confirm them as Green Heron.

Least Flycatcher

Flycatchers are some of the hardest birds to identify because many of them look quite similar. Least Flycatcher is set apart by the white eyering, which is not a common feature with flycatchers.

Common Gallinule

I was able to observe and photograph a Common Gallinule at Bath Nature Preserve over a period of several days. This was the first time anyone has recorded an observation of a Gallinule at Bath with eBird.