Compare and Contrast Sparrows

My previous post featured a Field Sparrow, so I thought it would be a good comparison to now feature a bird that is easily confused with the Field Sparrow; namely the American Tree Sparrow. There are a few key distinctions, two of which can been seen in my photograph.

  • The American Tree Sparrow has a bi-colored bill, typically black/yellow. The Field Sparrow has a pink bill.
  • The darker eye-ring on the American Tree Sparrow is bisected by the rusty brown eye-line. The eye-ring on the Field Sparrow is unbroken and bright.
  • If the chest is visible, the American Tree Sparrow has a black spot right in the center of it.
American Tree Sparrow / Bath Nature Preserve / 2019-11-19

Nearly Full Moon

Although I’ve read a few books about photography, I’ve learned much more through trial and error. With this photograph I learned that, at least with my camera, you can capture a much better picture of the moon at dusk or dawn than you can when the sky is completely dark. In total darkness, my camera struggles with focus and exposure even when using spot-metering and single-point focus. This picture was taken while the sky was still quite purple, but the exposure settings have blackened it.