Juvenile Green Herons

My wife spotted four juvenile green herons at the end of the fishing dock on Bath Pond. Here is a picture of two of them. At first glance I thought they were American Bittern, but the body posture and the yellow around the eye confirm them as Green Heron.

Juvenile Green Heron, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-07-29

The Many Colors of Dragonflies

These identifications should all be taken with a grain of salt, which is to say– the best that I could do.

Orange Meadowhawk, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-06-30
Eastern Pondhawk, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-07-25
Eastern Amber Wing, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-7-25
Common Whitetail, 2019-06-01
Red-Tailed Pennant (tentative), Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-07-25

Blue Dasher

I’m not qualified to identify most dragonflies; there are too many species (over three-thousand) and many that look very much alike. However, I’m fairly confident that this is a Blue Dasher male, possibly a fresh hatching because the eyes don’t look fully developed.

Blue Dasher Dragonfly, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-07-21

Great Spangled Fritallary

In general, butterflies have been few and far between this year. Many people have noticed, and there is speculation on causes from the unusually cold spring all the way to the nefarious “climate change.” So far I’ve only seen one of these in my yard. (And yes, that’s Poison Ivy that the Fritallary is resting on.)

Great Spangled Fritallary, Medina County, 2020-07-14


I can only barely see this comet with the naked eye, and I would never have been able to find it without the help of binoculars. An image of the comet I obtained, and also an image of the Moon and Venus from the morning before.

Comet NEOWISE, 2020-07-17.
The waning Moon, Venus, and Alpha Tauri, 2020-07-17.

Spined Soldier Bug

This is the Spined Soldier Bug, but in the nymph stage. A very colorful nymph! It was resting, and perhaps feeding, on my zinnias. Unlike some stink bugs, this species is considered to be beneficial, and when it feeds on plant nectar it is non-damaging to the plant.

Spined Soldier Bug, Nymph Stage
Spined Soldier Bug, Nymph Stage, 2020-06-30
Spined Solder Bug Nymph on Zinnia Leaf, 2020-06-30

Bronze Copper

First time I’ve photographed or identified this butterfly. Interesting colors, with the underwing slate-gray to almost white with black spots, while the topside is the name-sake “bronze copper” with stronger orange at the edges of the hind wing.

Bronze Copper Butterfly
Bronze Copper, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-07-04