Bronze Copper

First time I’ve photographed or identified this butterfly. Interesting colors, with the underwing slate-gray to almost white with black spots, while the topside is the name-sake “bronze copper” with stronger orange at the edges of the hind wing.

Bronze Copper Butterfly
Bronze Copper, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-07-04

Least Flycatcher

Flycatchers are some of the hardest birds to identify because many of them look quite similar. Least Flycatcher is set apart by the white eyering, which is not a common feature with flycatchers.

Least Flycatcher, Wendy Park, 2020-05-19

Warbler Roundup

I added a lot of new “life-bird” warblers during spring migration this year! Here are some high-lights.

Black-throated Blue Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler, Wendy Park, 2020-05-19
Immature American Redstart
Immature American Redstart, Wendy Park, 2020-05-19
Cape May Warbler, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-05-17
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Immature/Female Blackburnian Warbler, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-05-17
Tennessee Warbler, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-05-17

Common Gallinule

I was able to observe and photograph a Common Gallinule at Bath Nature Preserve over a period of several days. This was the first time anyone has recorded an observation of a Gallinule at Bath with eBird.

Common Gallinule