Spined Soldier Bug

This is the Spined Soldier Bug, but in the nymph stage. A very colorful nymph! It was resting, and perhaps feeding, on my zinnias. Unlike some stink bugs, this species is considered to be beneficial, and when it feeds on plant nectar it is non-damaging to the plant.

Spined Soldier Bug, Nymph Stage
Spined Soldier Bug, Nymph Stage, 2020-06-30
Spined Solder Bug Nymph on Zinnia Leaf, 2020-06-30

Bronze Copper

First time I’ve photographed or identified this butterfly. Interesting colors, with the underwing slate-gray to almost white with black spots, while the topside is the name-sake “bronze copper” with stronger orange at the edges of the hind wing.

Bronze Copper Butterfly
Bronze Copper, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-07-04

Least Flycatcher

Flycatchers are some of the hardest birds to identify because many of them look quite similar. Least Flycatcher is set apart by the white eyering, which is not a common feature with flycatchers.

Least Flycatcher, Wendy Park, 2020-05-19

Warbler Roundup

I added a lot of new “life-bird” warblers during spring migration this year! Here are some high-lights.

Black-throated Blue Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler, Wendy Park, 2020-05-19
Immature American Redstart
Immature American Redstart, Wendy Park, 2020-05-19
Cape May Warbler, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-05-17
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Immature/Female Blackburnian Warbler, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-05-17
Tennessee Warbler, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-05-17

Common Gallinule

I was able to observe and photograph a Common Gallinule at Bath Nature Preserve over a period of several days. This was the first time anyone has recorded an observation of a Gallinule at Bath with eBird.

Common Gallinule