Immature Yellow-rumped Warbler

Immature or juvenile birds can be some of the hardest to identify, since they won’t look like anything in a field guide and no single photograph can show all the possible variations you might see. In this case the eye markings and belly streaking are the keys to my identification.

Immature Yellow-rumped Warbler, Bath Nature Preserve, 2020-07-27

Saturn & Jupiter

At first I was annoyed that a couple of cars drove through this long shot, but the result was pleasant surprise. This is a 30 second exposure with my wide-angle lens, centered on Saturn (left) and Jupiter (right). (The two brightest objects in the center of the image)

These two planets will continue to grow closer to each other in the night sky until December 21st, when they will appear to merge.

Saturn & Jupiter, 2020-09-04

Clouded Sulphur

Doesn’t look very orange to you? Well maybe it’s orange on the inside. I submitted this photo to BAMONA, and they (eventually) classified it as Clouded Sulphur. (I assumed it was Orange Sulphur.) So I’ve updated this post with the new id.

Orange Sulphur on Clover, 2020-08-08

The Many Shades of the Spangled Fritillary

The silvery spots (or “spangles”) of the Great Spangled Fritillary are just like shiny little mirrors. With the right angle, they will reflect the colors around them. These pictures are all of the same butterfly as he sampled the many flavors of zinnia in our garden.

Great Spangled Fritillary, Natural Light, 2020-08-09
Great Spangled Fritillary, Yellow Reflection, 2020-08-09
Great Spangled Fritillary, Pink Reflection, 2020-08-09
Great Spangled Fritillary, Orange Reflection, 2020-08-09